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Manufacturer of Forged Machine Parts

Forging is the manufacturing process to shape metals by using compressive forces like pressing, hammering, and rolling. It is one of the popular methods of metal fabrication to manufacture modern-day, high-performance, and quality-based machined parts for various industry needs and equipment.

Forging Services in India

forgingWe acquired a huge forging facility at Eminent Engitech to experience several sorts of steel forging operations such as hot, cold, and warm under various temperature levels depending on the compression necessary. Our Forging Shop facility has advanced technology and precision machinery for developing and Manufacturing Forged and Machine Parts from all types of metals Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, or any other structural tool steel. Moreover, our in-house facility is supported by induction bar heating furnaces with automatic temperature control, an in-house tool room, and a storage system.

We are a huge team of highly-trained technicians, site operators, and engineering professionals to efficiently manage and deliver as per the client’s expectations. Our enormous contribution in the forging industry with the largest supply chain and manufacturing of Brass forging, Aluminum forging, Copper, and other industrial forged components make us the best Forging services in India.

Our factory is equipped with Hammers and Presses to produce a high-quality profile and round components ranging in weight from 100 grams to ten kilograms for our customers. These forgings are used in a variety of industries, including Automobiles, Aircraft, Railways, Shipping, and many more.

Our Methods of Forging Parts and Its Supply

forgingWe have proven expertise in building forged machine parts across a diverse range of industry sectors. Each of our qualified and experienced members engages in one of the many steps to ensure the delivery of high-performance components at an affordable price grade compared to the industry.

We adopt standard methods to manufacture different metal components to meet the client-specific demands of the part performance, strength, custom sizes, application and more.

Open-Die Forging

forgingIn the open die forging method, the heated metal parts are shaped between a top die attached to a ram and a bottom die attached to a bolster, anvil, or hammering. Typically, it is used to produce larger, simpler-shaped parts such as bars, rings, and hollows.

Closed Die Forging

forgingThe Closed die forging moves the die towards one another, covering the workpiece partially or completely. There is heated raw material that’s approaching the shape/size of the final forged part and is placed in the bottom die. This process can be used to build parts that range in size from a few ounces to 60,000 lbs.

Roll Forging

FORGING eminent engitech 5The method of Roll forging uses opposing rolls to form a metal part. However, roll forging uses rolls to produce parts and components, it is still considered a metal forging process and not a rolling process. It is also known as Roll forming is to produce parts for automotive enterprises. including manufacturing things like knives and hand tools.

Start a Metal Forging Project

Our support team is available to discuss the production specifications and project requirements. Reach us out to schedule a free consultation and get a quote for the best possible Forging solutions for your Project.

Research beyond the business plan

Forging is a piece of metal that has been heated to soften it before being pressed, hammered, or otherwise molded into a shape. Cast starting stock is used in all forgings. The forming operation benefits forgings by increasing their overall toughness and fatigue resistance.

All of our steel forgings are made to order from designs or samples provided by our customers. Steel forgings of this type can be found in a variety of industries.

Non-heat treatable steel grades are those that cannot be heat treated to change their mechanical properties. They get their mechanical qualities from a combination of chemical and forging techniques.

Round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal bars, beams, and other basic shapes are commonly produced using open die forging. Hubs, spindles, step shafts, mandrels, metal shells, pierced blanks, and basic pancake forgings are all common products created.

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