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Largest Casting Manufacturer and Supplier

CASTING eminent engitech 11 1We are on a mission to become the largest casting manufacturer supplier of metal casting components in steel alloys, cast iron, aluminum materials, and other non-ferrous alloys. At Eminent Engitech, we are acquainted with the largest manufacturing unit of casting products and customization by various processes such as Sand Casting, Die Casting, Shell Casting, Investment Casting, Centrifugal Castings, and Aluminum Pressure Die Casting.

Our manufacturing experts and workforce use various combinations of metal types and casting processes to meet the highest standards for all types of demands from commercial to industrial applications of diverse industry sectors. Our top-quality services in India help you cast products with high heat or cold tolerance capacity to mold parts with precise expansion or contraction capabilities.

Our Casting Processes

CASTING eminent engitech 21We are an accredited casting manufacturer specializing in high-quality components that suit client expectations and needs. We aim to manufacture and supply that matches exactly the specifications in every step from design to final delivery.

Our team prepares an outline design with computerized technology and automated processing to ensure detailed molds and cores. We adopt various types of metal casting methods for on-demand industrial needs and design innovation. Some of the main casting processes undertaken at Eminent Engitech are:

Die CastingWhat is Die Casting?

Die casting molding of non-ferrous metals or alloys like tin, aluminum, copper under high pressure to build closed size components with uniform design and high dimensions.

Our Services and Die Casting Process

CASTING eminent engitect 3Eminent Engitech is a manufacturing unit with unique processes of die casting non-ferrous metal under pressure or molding procedures. Our process of high-integrity die casting delivers complex-shaped structures with elevated strength, ductility, and sustainable design. It is one of the lowest-cost production technologies to manufacture large volumes of lightweight structures with reduced machining and finishing.

At Eminent Engitech, we employ two die casting methods namely pressure and gravity casting. Our experts guide you throughout the process as to which method is best suitable for the specific component manufacturing and its properties. We provide die casting services to build a product, part, or component with great finishing enhanced performance and dimensional stability which is mainly used in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Investment CastingsWhat is Investment Casting?

This process includes a disposable wax pattern that delivers components with thin-walled, intricate details, complex geometries, and high-quality surface finishing.

Our Services and Investment Casting Process

CASTING eminent engitech 4Eminent Engitech has a large foundry to conduct the process of investment casting. Our specialists perform every step from creating 3D wax patterns to finishing and testing the product. The wax pattern is assembled into the runners and then dipped into the high-grade ceramic slurry coating around the wax tree. As the assembly achieves the desired thickness, the process of dewaxing is done by heating with the furnace fire. The molten metal is poured into the desired mold cavity and undergoes cut-off, grinding, and coating techniques to produce a superior finish surface.

At Eminent Engitech, you will get solutions to all kinds of investment casting solutions for ferrous material to non-ferrous materials with critical industrial demands at competitive prices. We take pride in supplying complex investment cast parts for the leading market industries such as Aerospace, Railways, Oil & Gas, Automobiles, and more. We ensure that our final products comply with top-most quality standards, industry applications, sustainable production phases, and certifications.

Centrifugal CastingsWhat is Centrifugal Casting?

CASTING eminent engitech 5This process is used to manufacture cylindrical cast iron pipes by using the gravitational force in a spinning type of mold.

Our Services and Centrifugal Casting Process

CASTING eminent engitech 6It involves using the horizontal and vertical axis to produce symmetrical and unsymmetrical rotating components such as pipes, tubes, cylindrical liners, bushing, bearings including other similar components like large gun barrels and soil pipe. It is one form of die casting and hence the investment in tooling expenses is largely reduced.

We offer custom centrifugal castings made from stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, nickel, and other superalloys. We have successfully delivered centrifugal components for a wide variety of industries that includes Railways, Automobiles, Aircraft, Oil & Gas, and many more. Get in touch with our experts to find finished products of ductile iron, heat-resistant, carbon steel, gray iron castings, and more.

Aluminum Pressure Die CastingWhat is Aluminum Pressure Die Casting?

The process involves forcing molten metals into high-pressure systems to cast smooth surface and high-precision metal components.

Our Services and Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Process

aluminum die casting eminent engitech 7Eminent Engitech has the best team of casting experts to undergo the process of Aluminum Die Casting. For various industry requirements of machinery and industrial parts, we create products with good stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. Moreover, we produce aluminum casts that retain high dimensional stability, are corrosion-resistant, and are thin-walled.

Our products have served the purpose for Automotive, Railways, Aircraft, Oil & Gas, Shipping, and more. Due to its high-temperature environment, it is best suitable for housings and electronic connectors. We are the leading casting manufacturer and exporter of all major types of engineering components in India with a wide range of aluminum casting products including aluminum extrusions, aluminum heat sinks, and other aluminum metal castings.

FAQ on Casting

Grey cast irons, hard irons, malleable cast irons, carbon steels, and stainless steels are all ferrous materials. Aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, and gunmetal are examples of non-ferrous materials which are used by us.

Castings can be delivered in their native state or with various surface treatments such as anodizing, plating, alocrom, painting, or lacquering.

Yes, it is required. The final finish’s look, adhesion, and acceptability are all dependent on a solid basis for the final finish, which can only be achieved with an active and clean substrate. A well-designed pre-plating process is essential for producing high-quality parts.

The quick answer is no, the machine doesn’t care what material is being poured. However, depending on the liquidus temperature and wall thickness of the casting being made, there may be variances in the mold design.

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