FROM A SPROUT TO TREE IN ENGINEERING open fontEminent Overseas has established a new venture as ‘Eminent Engitech Pvt. Ltd.” for engineering solutions to simplify the manufacturing of world-class products that comply with standards for customized Engineering components of various sizes, types, and materials.

Eminent Engitech was founded on the principles of honesty, ethics, and safety. We’ve solidified our position as a leader in offering cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions for the construction, infrastructure, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and other industrial and commercial sectors. We offer State-of-the-Art Manufacturing services for engineering parts that include various manufacturing processes like casting, forging, detailing, CNC and VMC are among our specialties. We have been dedicated to excellence since the beginning.

Eminent Engitech is a reputable company that has quickly established itself as one of the prominent engineering solution provider, manufacturers, distributors and exporters of steel forged flanges, fittings, automobile components, and marine goods for both Domestic and international markets, according to industry standards. We employ the best steel and cutting-edge machinery to produce higher-quality parts & fittings. At every level of the process, from idea to design to manufacture, extensive quality checks are performed to ensure high correctness in terms of composition, mechanical qualities, dimensions, and delivery. We can also create bespoke components according to customers’ drawings and specifications.

We have the most up-to-date innovative processing equipment as well as advanced machinery in-house. Engineers and technicians with years of experience make up our experienced team. From a strong core of design and development, our research and development department uses processing models to provide the best engineering solutions.

Every order is a case study for us. We learn and improve with each order. It’s critical that we maintain a tight eye on our deliverables and results.

In terms of the production, we would like to assure you that we will develop products at a very rational rate; we are also confident that there will be no compromise with the quality of our products.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Everyone says it, but it’s true in our case: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our team members is extraordinary in their own field, but it is their combined efforts that create the difference. Our team is a close-knit, talented group with a common goal of achieving excellent results for our clients while also making the company a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and grow a decent career.

We’re incredibly pleased with the team we’ve built. Every one of our team members is a unique individual who is bound together by a set of five basic values that govern everything we do at the agency.

Be Bold | Be Curious | Be Together | Be Connected | Be Best

Our team is being built, developed, trained, retained, and engaged on a daily basis. Every day, we work hard to ensure that our employees are supported and empowered to provide outstanding results for our clients. And we strive to be the Best Engineering solution firm.

engineering solutions
Monish G.

Monish G.

International Sales Director

Mr. Monish manages and directs the vision and the voice of Eminent Engitech.

 He is  persuasive and can create rapport with customers.

One of his strongest points is his ability to rapidly grasp clients’ requirements and problems & master them together through creative problem-solving.


Olyvia G.

Olyvia G.

Sr. Sales Manager

Olyvia is our sales specialist & an integral part of the work that’s done behind the scenes at Eminent.

She envisions herself thriving by giving citizens the services they need most. Whether identifying leads, educating prospects, or providing existing clients with exceptional support, her role is the backbone of our brand.

Alexander R.

Alexander R. Germany

Sr. Sales Director

Mr. Alexander examines industry trends to find methods to improve products, as well as ensuring that clients are satisfied with the products or services they have purchased.

His determination offers an example for everybody in the engineering business since he has the bravery to climb above the ordinary.

Bhavin G.

Bhavin G. India

CNC - VMC - Extrusion

Mr. Bhavin combines his technical skills with a passion for precise machined products. He is known for always thinking ahead, that’s why he is engaged in CNC and VMC.

His incredible attention to every precise detail has earned us a reputation of building innovative products.


Hardik J.

Hardik J. India

Casting - Forging

Mr. Hardik and his team can turn any concept into a fully customized and innovative product. He is passionate about creating unique technical products and mastering the most difficult challenges.

He’s committed to bring his engineering and custom product development skills to Eminent, as well as the opportunity for growth.


Lomesh P.

Lomesh P. - Admin

Mr. Lomesh is an expert in the field of standards-based administration and logistics.

His expertise as a project manager and administrative head provides him with a valuable blend of technical skill and creativity, which defines our team’s outlook and inspires many of our client projects.

He keeps track of our warehouse stock levels and places orders as needed.


Chirag R.

Chirag R. - Logistics

Mr. Chirag assists us from facility inspection to warehouse inspection with advanced capabilities such as Strong Numerical and Analytical Skills, Extensive Industry Knowledge, solid decision making, etc. backed by over years of professional experience.

To ensure timely deliveries, he manages inventory as well as warehouse, transportation, and other logistics activities.


Nikhil S.

Nikhil S.

Mr. Nikhil is dedicated to providing clients with a regular supply of high-quality products by pursuing continuous improvement and putting in place strong quality management systems. He monitors and compiles delivery records for engineers out in the field to ensure timely deliveries.

His team oversees the testing portion of the manufacturing process to guarantee that the finished products match the company’s requirements.

Kaushik J.

Kaushik J.

He oversees quality control throughout the supply chain. He has a strong background in quality, production, and research & development.

His team makes sure that every single product is of the greatest quality and free of faults. He directs a number of key initiatives, including product quality assurance, functional and measurement analysis, and strategic goal attainment.

engineering solutions


We shall pursue excellence to be a Global Leader in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Innovation through devoted teamwork in order to please our customers and stakeholders, who are our entire purpose

engineering solutions


We strive to provide dependable, high-quality engineering solutions for global infrastructure while always keeping integrity, safety, and sustainability in mind.

engineering solutions


  1. Customer Recognition
  2. Integrity & Transparency
  3. Passion for results
  4. Creativity & Agility
  5. Accountability


Our Excellence

Engineering Solution, consultancy, development, and unification of advanced engineering goods and systems are all areas where we excel.

Provide Elite Engineers

Experts in mechanisms, electrical energy, construction, refining, other industrial and commercial sectors  make up our team.

Global Leader

We are a major provider of Engineering Automation Solutions with 50+ international clients.

Using Latest Technology

We provide superior technology solutions to a diverse spectrum of clients based on engineering and industrial advancements.

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